Casa Kira


kira GeddesComment


This year I find myself mostly being thankful for the amazing people in my life who support me personally and help make my business thrive as well. I am thankful to my customers. The out-of-town folks who keep track of the new styles and order from  all around the country and world. The Tucson People who visit the shops around town that carry Casa Kira and who come out to the Casa Kira Studio open houses. All of those people have helped make this dream a reality.    The buyers  in my stores who are willing to step out of the box, and try a different model of carrying locally handcrafted items to bring quality, ethics, and sustainability to customers

I am grateful to Margie R. The best graphic designer ever. Nancy G my girl Friday and assistant extraordinaire. Nancy F. For her gorgeous and intuitive photographs. Mose, Ellis, Mike, Peg, Brianna, Tasha,  setting up, working the booth, breaking down, chauffeuring, and so many details that help me out immensely.

     Chester Moon  and El Arabe for reminding me to stop and smell the daisies and give them their carrots.

XOXO ❤️❤️❤️- Kira